Alexander Davies

Name: Alexander Davies


Rank: Lt.JG

Species: Human

Age: 22

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 164 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown, short cut

Birthplace: Tyco City, Luna, Sol System

Date of birth: Earthdate: May 14, 2360

Academy Graduating Class: June 4th, 2382

Specialities: Martial Arts, Small Arms Training, Security Protocols (both using and deactivating… AKA hacking).

Hobbies: Soccer (Starting Left Forward, Starfleet Academy Team), Woodworking (sculpting, amateur)

Family: Mother: Allison Spencer-Davies. Father: Corbin Davies. Sister (Younger): Callista Davies (12 years old).

Decorations: Starfleet Academy Ribbon.

Reprimands: Company-Grade Article 15: Attempting to sneak a female classmate into the "Organian Incident" simulator, with a bottle of wine, blanket, picnic basket, and a soccer ball.

Service record: Starfleet Academy, 2378 – 2382. This includes a Cadet Training Cruise prior to his senior year (summer, 2381) on the USS Zhukov, as well as performing the Mars Run for six months (shuttle duty between Earth and Mars following graduation (summer, 2382).

Background: Alexander Jordan Davies was born in Tyco City, one of the major cities on the terraformed moon orbiting Earth. Born the first son to an analyst (his father) and a medical doctor (his mother), he was raised with the notion that he could do, well, pretty much anything he wanted if he put his mind to it and tried hard enough. Medicine never appealed to him; just something about getting inside of a person like that didn't work for his mind. And a desk job like his father's was even worse; he was a very active person, and the thought of being cooped up in an office all day, every day, drove him nuts. And then, at the age of fourteen, the Borg attacked Earth for the second.


He had been only six during the first attack, but this one had come much closer to his home, and everyone… his parents, his friends, his little sister, and most definitely himself… were terrified beyond belief. And, for the second time, a ship named Enterprise arrived and, through the quick thinking and diligent efforts of its captain and crew, saved the entire Federation from certain destruction. From that moment on, Alex knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life… he wanted to join Starfleet, serve on a ship, and do whatever he could to help people.

Of course, he wasn't alone in this; at least half of his classmates had the same urges, and most of them lost those feelings within six months, deciding to do all sorts of other things with their lives. However, for one young man, that urge never left him. He continued to do all of the things he loved to do (soccer, mostly, though he did have a few other hobbies as well back then), but other things began to change as well. His grades increased, slowly but surely, as his study habits began to both improve and increase in time nightly. His physical fitness, always in top form for soccer, grew even better still; he would go on six mile runs every morning, during the season, and during the off-season would run between 18 and 20 miles per day. He began participating in student government (as a representative, and then as class treasurer his senior year), and began putting in time with community service. During his sophomore year, he began speaking to his parents about his desire, and they helped him with all of the details, including, during his junior year, getting in contact with the local government officials to get a recommendation from one of them to enter the Academy. And, just before graduating from high school, in 2378, he was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Leaving home wasn't easy for Alex, even as close as the Moon; it wasn't the distance, but the closeness he had to his family, that made it difficult. But he knew it was something that, in the end, would be worthwhile. What he didn't know, however, was just HOW difficult it all would be.

The Academy was nothing like Alex had believed. Hard? It was harder. Stressful? By a factor of 10. Competitive? Like nothing he'd ever imagined. But never once did he give up, and by the end of his Freshman year, he finally had a handle on things, and enough good friends who helped him through it (including Douglas Ramsey, Bryan Grigsby, and Chase Fields). During his sophomore year, he attempted to put in for the Command Track Training, but was, instead, shifted over to Security, where it was believed he would be a more valuable asset; besides, his counselor assured him that, if he proved himself worthy during his career, they could easily put him in Command, so the chance was there… it would all be up to him. During his junior year, he became the varsity soccer team's starting Left Forward, leading the team to victory in the championship games both years. He also participated in the Karate and Judo teams, and even dabbled just a bit in Anbo-jitsu (though he was never really any good at it; the sightless factor always killed him). It was also here that he also began to experiment with woodworking, and discovered the love of creating, of molding the wood with just his hands and his knife, though he never did get very good at it. And then, during his senior year, something happened that he was pretty sure should have ended his Starfleet career.

It was just following his time in the simulator for the Kobiyashi Maru, as the Chief Security Officer. The "Captain," his best friend Douglas Ramsey, came out of yet another simulation two days after, and, though he wasn't supposed to, told Alex all about it. "The Organian Incident," where students had to simulate what it was like to battle the Gorn, just as Kirk had, with only what was on the planet, and somehow still beat him (all records past the attempt to build a rudimentary cannon were sealed by Starfleet immediately after the incident, so no one, not even the instructors, know exactly what happened). In the past several weeks, he and Chase Fields (a half-Vulcan friend who had accepted her emotions, rather than repressed them) had moved beyond friendship and had begun to experiment with romance… and he decided that he knew the best way to impress her. Sneaking her to the simulator, he managed to bypass the security protocols, and… with Chase, a bottle of contraband wine, a picnic basket full of food, and a soccer ball… snuck inside, activated the simulation, and had a desert picnic in an environment similar to Vulcan. And yes, she found it quite romantic. However, the security team that discovered them did not. They were both given a Captain's Mast, and a Company-Grade Article 15 was put on their record. Some argued that they should have been kicked out of the Academy, but those on the Mast disagreed, apparently, though that blemish is on both of their records for their entire career.

Fortunately, the rest of his senior year was relatively quiet for the young man, and he did, indeed, graduate from Starfleet Academy, somewhere in the top 30% of his class. He participated in the Mars Runs just following graduation, flying a shuttlecraft from Earth to Mars and back on a daily basis… security detail, they called it, while awaiting his first assignment. And then… he got the orders. USS Resolution.


Personality: Alex is fairly personable. With those above him in rank, even Lieutenant (JG), he tends to start off very professionally, but after a time, if they get along with him, he will warm up to them, though when he's on the job, he has no problems showing respect for the rank (and this includes if he doesn't respect the person). However, he does have a little bit of a temper; insult him, and he can blow it off, but insult the ones he calls friends, or the ones he cares about, and he tends to step up a bit. He also has a penchant for spontaneity outside the job, which ranges from random competitions/contests (if he can wrangle them) to practical jokes (never violent, but sometimes a bit wicked).

Special notes: Alex has a vested interest in 22nd century action movies… almost to the point of an addiction. Also, he and his friends Douglas Ramsey (Command Track), Bryan Grigsby (Security Track), and Chase Fields (Engineering Track) have promised to stay in contact with one another, though he has NO idea where any of them are being assigned (though he hopes to make it work, especially with Chase, who he has developed feelings for). Finally, he can speak a smattering of Vulcan, though he is by no means fluent in it.

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