Alejandra Saenz

Lieutenant Commander Alejandra Sáenz


Name: Alejandra Zaida Sáenz (pronounced Al-Li-Haun-Drah zah-EE-dah sy-nz)
Nickname: Ali or Alex
Race: Human
Rank: Chief Security Officer
Age: 28 (born 2357)

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'
Weight: 152 lbs

Place of Birth: Bogotá, Colombia
Marital Status: Single.

Physical Profile:

Alejandra has long blonde hair that is normally left wild and goes down to her elbows. Her skinned is tanned and she is noticeably South American.

She is very lithe, and likes wearing revealing yet tight off-duty clothing.

She wears a Catholic cross.

Interests: dancing (latin american particularly Tango, cuban, belly & arabic, exotic), singing, weapons, security techniques, law enforcement, acrobatics & gymnastics, martial arts (capoeira, muay thai, ninjitsu, judo, aikido, Suus Mahna, mok'bara), wrestling, pushing her body hard past physical limits, endurance running, semi-legit or shady techniques (lockpicking, pickpocketing) , intel gathering, stealth (hiding, moving in shadows, camouflage), hunting, tracking, orienteering

Languages: Spanish, Federation Standard


2375-2379: Starfleet Academy

Service Record:

2375-2379: Cadet, Security, Starfleet Academy
2379-2381: Ensign, Security, USS Anchorage
2381-2383: Lt JG, Security, USS Anchorage
2383-2385: Lt, Assistant Security Chief, USS Anchorage
2385-pres: Lt Cmdr, Security Chief, USS Resolution-A


Alejandra Zaida Sáenz was born into the Sáenz family in 2357, and was brought up on the rough streets of Bogotá, Colombia. It was an extended family with heritage from Lebanon, Spain and parts of Latin America, and despite the strong influence of her parents & grandmother, Alejandra grew up in an unusual way, learning about all sorts of shady and probably illegals things. While others played with blocks, she learnt how to pick pocket, beg and steal.

She did okay in school, but was more interested in sport and running then books & education. As she got older, men took notice of her, and she used that to her advantage.

When she was fourteen years old, she ran away and spent a few years on the streets, living with gangs. During this time, she made a living as a runner until she was older, and then began working as a prostitute then eventually becoming addicted to cocaine.

Eventually, she was caught in an operation of the Columbian National Police, and given the choice of jail or turn her life around in a recently started program by a politician determined to clean up Columbia's image. She was put into a treatment facility & reunited with her family and when she came out months later, she was taken to an interview.


The politician talked to her for awhile and did some investigations before offering her a choice that would change her life and had been suggested by a Vulcan Starfleet cadet, Cadet N'Pal, visiting - to sign up for Starfleet. Alejandra accepted and put into a study program to get her upto speed to get into Security. While she caught up, N'Pal began to help Alejandra by teaching her Suus Mahna, along with neccessary study. Later that year after passing the entrance exam, she headed to San Francisco on the Security track.

She took awhile to settle in with a few issues, but eventually, she began doing very well. She had to struggle with theory, but excelled in practical, regularly coming top of the class or close to it. During her time, she picked up a number of other martial art skills, and practised on her own time.

After completing her studies at the Academy, she worked her way up the ranks on the USS Anchorage, a Prometheus-class vessel, until she reached the rank of Lieutenant and Assistant Chief of Security over a six year period. On a number of leaves from Starfleet, she has travelled to various extreme fighting competitions and did very well, winning in a lot - muay thai in Thailand, Orion cage fighting and Klingon mok'bara challenges.

To advance further, it was decided to move her to another posting, and when the Resolution's Chief Security position came up, she was reassigned there.

Personality Profile:

As a fighter, Alex has no problems with using underhanded techniques. Her personal motto is 'I fight dirty, and I fight to win'. She recieved quite a few reprimands for throwing sand, kicking below the belt or excessive use of force. She doesn't need weapons to disable or seriously cripple others - however, she only uses it when needed (unless she is mad).

Alex is Roman Catholic, but doesn't really follow all the tenants of that faith & knows she isn't a good one. She drinks, sleeps around, displays anger publically, has killed for duty, ignores the Sabbath, forgets to pray and has to regularly go for confession.

Psychological Profile:

Alejandra brings all knew meaning to the obsessive nature of security, and once personally led a security team across a frozen ice-world to apprehend a dangerous criminal due to crystalline deposits thats stopped sensors or transporters working.

She has a bad temper when angered, and is liable to scratch out eyes, kick and hurt anyone very badly who does get on her bad side. An ex-lover was left with broken bones in most of his body from self-defence after he attacked her.

Underneath, she is quite psychologically damaged from her childhood, and regularly has terrible nightmares.

Medical Profile:

One of the problems that she suffered while under cocaine addiction was a bout of drug-induced lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disease, after a bad batch. It eventually went away after rehab, but her health has been affected along with her attention span.

Special Notes:

Her first name is the Spanish feminine version of Alexander, which means 'defender of mankind'.

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