Adams Sito Samantha

1st Leiutenant Adams-Sito Samantha, JAG Officer


Basic Information:

Name: Adams-Sito Samantha (using Bajoran naming system). Is fine with going by just Adams as a last name, as understands it is confusing for most.
Nickname: Sammy
Race: Human/Bajoran
Position: Judge Advocate General
Age: 30
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'
Weight: 2 lbs
Place of Birth: Bajor
Marital Status: Single.

Physical Profile:

Sammy shows the common outward physical traits of Bajorans - namely the typical Bajoran nose ridges, despite being part human. She is quite athletic and used to compete a lot before & during her Academy years - although not since due to time.

She has scars on her back due to abusive treatment and torture by Cardassian soldiers towards the end of the Occupation.

Her brown hair goes down to her shoulder and she doesn't tie it back. Consequently, it often wisps across her face. Sammy wears a traditional Bajoran earring in her right ear.

She always wears her dog-tags, kept taped together & to the chain so that they don't slide or rattle.

Interests: self defense, running, javelin, athletics, legal systems and procedures

Languages: Fed Standard, Bajoran, Cardassian


2379-2383: Cadet, Federation Marines Academy

Service Record:

2379-2383: Cadet, Federation Marines Academy
2383-2383: 2nd Lt, Legal Specialist, Starbase One/San Fransisco JAG Branch
2383-2383: 2nd Lt, Legal Aid Specialist, Starbase One/San Fransisco JAG Branch
2384-2384: 2nd Lt, Legal & Legal Aid Specialist/Federation Ranger, USS Bellerephon
2384-2385: 1st Lt, Judge Advocate General Officer, Deep Space 9
2385-pres: 1st Lt, Security / Judge Advocate General Officer, USS Resolution-A



Samantha was born on Bajor near the Kendra Valley during the Occupation by the Cardassians to a human father who was a trader, John Adams, and a Bajoran mother, Sito Tarena, who worked as a maid servant for one of the Cardassian commanders. Sito Tarena was also a secret member of the Bajoran Resistance, and her father left pretty soon after she was born.

Shortly later, the commander transferred back to Cardassia, and Tarena had to find other work. She managed to get permits for her and her child to travel up to the Cardassian station, Terek Nor, for employment as a servant aboard the station for a Ferengi barkeep during the Occupation by the Cardassians.

Sammy spent most of her childhood aboard the station, apart from regular trips by shuttle to Bajor. She got to know pretty much all of the station, and learnt a lot about life from the occupants of the station - business & shady things from Quark, the reality of the harshness of life from the Cardassians & the security chief, and all manner of things from her mother. She became very good at slipping through where others couldn't, and around the time she was eight, she began working for the Resistance, initially as a courier and then progressed to further activities.

When the Cardassians were leaving the station and Bajor, Sammy was fourteen years old. Her mother was arrested around this time on suspicion, and in an attempt to get a confession, Sammy was brutually raped in front of her. When that didn't work, Sammy was tied to a chair to watch as her mother was tortured to death, not giving in ever. Sammy was left barely conscious in a cell as the Cardassians left.

When the Federation took over the station & renamed it Deep Space Nine, the new commanding officer ordered the security chief, Odo, that Samantha and the other Bajorans in the cells under arrest for being Resistance members be released.

When Sammy was let out of the cell, Odo took her to his office, where he reintroduced her to her father, John Adams, who was now a commander in Starfleet Intelligence and on leave to visit Bajor once again.


The meeting went as well as could be expected, and they both went down to Bajor to bury Tarena in Bajoran customs. After a couple of months, her father would have to go back to work, but on request from Sammy, he arranged for care for her on the station under Major Kira Nerys' guidance.

Despite this, she was very curious but continued getting in trouble with the security chief for getting into places she shouldn't - such as the main bridge. When she became old enough, she joined the Bajoran Militia at the age of 18.

In 2373 when the Dominion took over the station, Sammy stayed aboard the station, protected by as part of the Militia due to the Non-Aggression Pact between Bajor and the Dominion. However, she worked as secret members of the resistance against the Dominion during that time.

Leaving the militia because she wanted to do more with her life, she travelled for about a year before contacting her father and requesting his help to join the Marine Corps. With her skills & record of service in the Bajoran Militia, she easily got into the Federation Marine Academy, along with recommendations from her father & the Deep Space Nine senior staff.

At the Academy, she initially worked on the infantry officer track before a chance encounter occurred halfway through her first year. A fellow cadet was involved in a serious breach of honour and Samantha was called as a witness for the prosecution. She became curious at first then fascinated with all the procedures, and since she had testified early on, she received permission to watch the rest inside the courtroom after the prosecutor, Major Matthew Davis, asked the judge.

Approaching Major Davis at the end, she asked him if he could help her transfer her Marine officer track over to legal studies, which he did. Matthew also helped tutor her so she could catch up the missing six months she had missed, and watched her studies. She also took a few subjects in psychology, as a way to help improve herself in the courtroom.

In her last year, Sammy was granted the MOS of 153-D Paralegal in the Judge Advocate General's Office out of the San Fransisco & Starbase One Offices, along with being allowed to stay in off-base accommodation. In this role, she helped assist legal specialists and legal aid specialists in research and investigation, researching prior legal cases and decisions, assisting with reading and writing briefs, and documenting witnesses and evidence.

When she completed her studies and became a Second Lieutenant, she was assigned as a 153-B Legal Specialist, who specializes in prosecuting accused criminals in court martial or other proceedings, out of the San Fransisco & Starbase One Offices and began working with Major Davis as second chair as prosecutor. In addition, she learnt about further investigation into crimes & crime scenes, working with the CID team assigned to investigate the crime, and locating and preparing witnesses and evidence.

In time, she grew experienced enough to run cases by herself before he requested that she also learn to play the other side of the courtroom. So she shifted MOS to 153-C Legal Aid Specialist, who specializes in defending accused criminals in court martial or other proceedings. Once again, Sammy did exceptionally well, and learn to put personal opinions aside and be an advocate for the accused, with no preconceptions of guilt.

In 2384, she was assigned to the USS Bellerephon, a Federation Marine Carrier vessel, to gain experience as a ship's JAG Officer from a Marine Captain, Henry Stallsman. She was a good student, and her duties included assigning personnel to various court martial and other proceedings, serving as a prosecution or defense attorney for certain cases, serving as a member of a court martial board, providing unit commanders with legal counsel on issues involving their command, and being a liaison with local civilian authorities, CID or the Inspector General's Office when needed. During this time, she also worked in the Federation Ranger program, which blended Starfleet Security and the Marines into a cohesive unit.

Her father worked as Liason to Marine Intelligence & Intelligence Advisor for the large fleet of vessels that the USS Bellerephon was part of, and they took the oppurtunity to get to know one another much more closer. Whenever schedules allowed, they would have dinner together and sometimes other meals or training.


She was promoted shortly after to First Lieutenant and transferred back to Deep Space Nine since it coincided with her father having to move onto another job. She worked as JAG officer for the station, which was a pretty busy role due to needing to work with Bajoran law, Federation law and all the various legal shipping requirements.

In 2385, Samantha found she missed being out on a ship and requested reassignment, being granted a position as JAG officer for the USS Resolution-A. Aboard the ship, JAG was located under Security, and Sammy will work as a normal Security officer during her time aboard despite being a Marine. However, she will probably also train and work with the Marines aboard too.

Personality Profile:

Sammy believes strongly in the Bajoran religion, and often prays to the Prophets for guidance. She follows the three keys keys to enlightenment in the Bajoran religion - charity, humility and faith.

In the courtroom, she can be compared to a shark, and never holds back. She is experienced with both prosecution and defense, and is able to hold back personal feelings, even if she does not personally believe in the side of the case that she is assigned.

Psychological Profile:

Deep down, Sammy has many issues that stem from her childhood and treatment during the occupation of Bajor. Words can't give justice to her problems.

Her relationship with her father is complicated, but she still keeps in contact with him when she can.

Medical Profile:

Sammy has physical scars from her torture by the Cardassians, mainly evident on her back. Although they healed up many years ago, the lines are still evident.

Special Notes:

Sammy plays the belaklavion, a Bajoran musical instrument that is hard to master.

Her quarters are decorated in typical Bajoran fashion, but sparser due to her Marine attitudes.

As a Marine, she is proficient in the use of many different types of weapons - ranging from martial arts, swords, batons, phaser pistols, phaser rifles, grenades, mortars and chemical projectile weapons. She knows how to survive in hostile climates, how to blend into the surroundings and use of cover, concealment & camoflauge in a fixed & moving situation.

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